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Audio noise reduction and voice enhancement

Using sophisticated commercial and proprietary software we can remove noise and background sound to enhance and isolate voices.

Certified reports

Audio Forensics will certify the authenticity of audio records. We can scientifically determine if any audio has been altered and prepare a thorough court testimony.

Chain of custody

"Chain of custody" refers to the document or paper trail showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical and electronic evidence. In order to insure the validity and admissibility of evidence we require all materials to follow standard chain of custody procedure or the preferred method of your organization. Audio Forensics will certify that your materials will only be handled by a single analyst in strict confidence. All materials are stored in a secure vault with a reliable back up system.

Court presentation

To ensure clarity for all concerned, we can prepare an audio/visual presentation of the evidence in DVD, QuickTime or WMV formats. The audio will be heard with an accompanying visual transcript and reference time code.

Message retrieval

Audio Forensics will retrieve, record and verify the authenticity of telephone messages using high quality telecommunications equipment.


Some sensitive or unrelated audio records may need to be omitted for the sake of confidentiality
or concision. Audio can be deleted from transcripts and presented in a documented, edited form.


Analogue tape recordings have proven to be problematic especially with court Lanier recorders and old "rotten" tape. Many hand held cassette and surveillance recorders also have inherent noise and speed problems that need to be corrected. We have restored and transferred over 90 reels of important music masters with Universal Music Canada being one of our biggest clients. That's over 200,000 feet (37 miles) of tape! We can restore audio in any format including video.

Telephone recording

Several telephone recording systems are available for rent by the week or month. Free installation is included.


Complete written transcriptions can be created from audio records.


We can transfer from any analogue format including multi-track and video to the digital medium.
Digital conversion to any medium can be done the same day.

Voice identification

By comparing an original voice recording with a confirmed voice sample, speakers can be verified or disqualified using spectrographs and behavioral biometrics. Samples may be formally or surreptitiously obtained. Speaker recognition uses the acoustic features of speech that have been found to differ between individuals. These acoustic patterns reflect both anatomy (e.g., size and shape of the throat and mouth) and learned behavioral patterns (e.g., voice pitch, speaking style). This incorporation of learned patterns into the voice templates has earned speaker recognition its classification as a "behavioral biometric."